Why Use Pampered Post ?

Happiness Valet

We’re more than just wellness gifts. We partner with you to reinforce a happiness culture within your company so that employees feel valued, heard, and supported.

Custom Pricing & Orders

Every project is different and our pricing is tailored based on your project needs. Plus, whether you’re in need of 30 boxes or 300+, we take care of everything for you!

Employee Focused

We work with teams of any size to provide thoughtfully curated boxes that engage employees in a personalized, fun, and easy way.

Stress-Free Process

Say goodbye to the frustration of finding exciting products, packing boxes, and shipping them. We manage all of this for you for seamless and stress-free gift-giving.

Remote Team Experts

Remote teams come to us when for a unique way to thank or support employees and supplement their current recognition, benefits, and wellness programs.

Support Employee Retention

We work to understand your gift-giving goals to help leadership build relationships within groups, so employees buy into the company’s vision, stay longer, and excel in their roles.

Brands We’ve Worked With


How Our Process Works

Inside The Box

If you’re looking for gift boxes that include more than branded pens, USB keys, and water bottles, then you’re in luck. At Pampered Post, we pride ourselves in creating gifts that promote self-care and wellbeing – more important than ever these days.

Each self-care box comes with at least four premium products and a personalized note for recipients.

Types of products recipients receive include:

Luxurious skin care products for grooming, beauty & wellness

Spa products to help recipients relax and unwind
Designer stationery and office supplies for working from home
Home products like fragrances, home accents, & kitchen accessories
Engaging activities (like card games) for recipients to enjoy with friends & family
Delicious snacks & beverages that are the perfect sweet treat during the day
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In Need of a Special Order?

Are you looking for a smaller quantity of boxes for a special occasion? Like an employee or client birthday? Or as a thank you to celebrate a milestone? To find out how to order one box or smaller batches, please email info@pamperedpost.com.

Who We Serve

Are you a Founder? Do you work in HR or the People and Culture department? Are you an Admin Assistant looking for new ways to support your people, improve employee engagement, or emphasize tour company culture?

As your dedicated corporate gift-giving partner, Pampered Post works with you to offer innovative ways to support your employees’ wellbeing, increase retention, and improve team interaction.

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