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    The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

    The number one piece of feedback I get from subscribers is the need to find ways to incorporate self-care into their daily lives. Between working, chasing after kids, supporting their significant other and a long list of other responsibilities, moms have very little time for themselves…let alone self-care. Or so they think.

    Based on my own experience as a working, single mom of an active child, I know that self-care is what I make it. Meaning, self-care isn’t about grand gestures and hours spent in a spa. My time, like a lot of other mothers out there, is very precious. That’s why it so important to find simple ways to incorporate self-care into daily life — any way you can.

    I created¬†this checklist for that very reason. It’s designed to give you some ideas of simple tasks you can incorporate into your day to make space for regular self-care.

    Don’t feel as though you have to do all of these suggestions back-to-back. Simply pick one item from the list and work on it for a week or two or until it becomes a regular part of your daily routine. Once you’re comfortable with one item, add in another. The key here is to gradually work as many of these as you’d like into your life and track your progress. How many are you rotating through? Do you feel more relaxed? Focused?

    Share which self-care tips on this list you’ve chosen to work on and how its coming along. I’d love to hear about your journey and what Pampered Post can do to help you succeed.


    Pampered Post Self-Care Checklist


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